We start by asking a lot of questions.

Whether we’re creating a new brand, website, or fundraising campaign, every project begins with research. How does your audience feel about your cause? What motivates them? Who else is competing for their attention? Among other tools, we employ interviews, surveys, and competitive analysis to fully understand your situation before laying the groundwork for our strategy. 



We’ll synthesize research findings into a brief which will outline our recommended approach for solving your problem, including our overall strategy and tactics.

As part of that brief, we’ll distill our strategy into a single sentence so simple that everyone on the project can memorize it. This statement keeps us focused on the key components of the project and will serve as our measuring stick for the project start to finish.


BRANDING: more than a logo

How does your audience experience your organization? Do they associate a certain feeling with you? Do they hear the same things from you across all your communications? 

Beginning with a visual identity system and consistent language, we will help you develop your brand to help you stand out from your peers and lend credence to your cause. 

We'll help you hone the core ideas behind what you do into easy-to-use language for your staff to use across the board. We write mission statements, elevator pitches, taglines, and other messaging to help your staff communicate your brand consistently.

Based on these ideas, we'll build a visual identity system; a set of tools to visually represent you. Your new visual brand will express your ethos through type, color, photography and a simple, timeless, logo. 

In the end, you’ll have a simple guide to share with staff and vendors to equip them to be your new brand ambassadors.


web design: your audience (and their phones) first

Starting with a careful look at your goals, analytics, and users, we'll create a new strategy for your website that will guide its design. 

We'll review existing content and find ways to improve user experience, clarity, and employ the latest tools to keep your site's features integrated and easy-to-use.

We prefer open-source platforms so that you're not handcuffed to us (or anybody) when you want to make updates. All of our sites are mobile-friendly.


Digital Strategy

With digital platforms, the question is not "how many?" but "which?" Based on your needs and budget we'll sort through the options to find you the right way to target your audiences on the right platforms in a sustainable way. There will be no quiet social media accounts with us, nor will you need to hire a staff of 12 to manage your accounts. 


We love a challenge

We're happy to work with you on every aspect of your communications machine and we love a challenge. We create annual reports, stationery systems, info graphics, social media artwork, and fundraising campaigns. Tell us more about what you need and we'll see how we can help. 

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•  Annual Reports

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